Hey! I'm Becca! I'm a freshman in college, majoring in Graphic Design! I'm 18, pansexual and a pot head, i'm just livin it up in Chicago :). Idk my blog is basically just a bunch of random ass shit (it's pretty much describes my life). if you want to know anything else just ask or whatever. warning: there is the occasional nsfw post in there if you don't like it don't follow me.





The boobs jiggle is strong in this one

I feel like Disney puts this much detail into Elsa’s boobs specifically for people who analyze them in loving, frame-by-frame detail on Tumblr.

We analyzed the scene where she sings Let It Go and all my English teacher did was discuss her boobs and how they suddenly get bigger at a certain part of the song.

spend one time watching frozen just focusing on elsa’s boobs and nothing else

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when an animal doesn’t like me it really impacts my self esteem 

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U know when you were a kid and won a game in first place and there was that little bitch who went “first is the worst second is the best” like how the fuck did that even make sense

Third is the one with the hairy chest. sorry I don’t make the rules


Someone-elsies: when someone else takes a picture of you.

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♠ my blog isn’t as pretty as your♦

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She lives the poetry she cannot write.
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